Web Catalog

Web Catalog

The primary problem with traditional e-commerce websites is that everyone accesses the same information, it is not convenient in B2B as pricing are determined differently according to the customers profile. Following are the top three benefits of using an EEXAR web Catalog.

  1. Permissions control: 
    The entire content, from products visibility to product details and prices can be configure by the Internal Users inviting External Users to the Domain. Simply set the relevant permissions at the group and user level and make sure to always control the flow of information you are giving access to.
  2. Reflects internal structure: 
    You've already organized your offer internally, EEXAR lets you save time by replicating the structure in your web Catalog. The product folders created become the different "catalogs" you can give access to.
  3. Accurate Analytics: 
    Get detailed insights on the actions performed on the web Catalog, as users are logged in with their credentials, we are capable of tracking their activity as individuals and not as a whole anonymized data.

Without a well organized catalog that lets you match your business needs in terms of confidentiality for example, it could be difficult to let customers browsing alone your offer. EEXAR provides options to fulfill these needs while keep providing you with an online medium to present your products. The options below are ways provided to help you get there.

Built-in Email functionality

Without any email account configured, EEXAR sends emails to your prospects/clients to invite them to review your offer, when you give them access to new content, more about Notifications.

External Groups/Users permissions

Control the content visibility for each of your user/group by setting their permissions according to your needs, more details here.

PDF exports

Give the possibility to External Users to export the products they are interested in to a format that they can share internally within their organization. EEXAR provides a feature to do so, you and your customers will be able to download to a PDF file products information, of course the information that are available for download depend on the settings set up by you, read more here.

3D Models support

EEXAR provides you with a built-in functionality to upload 3D Models and display them as part of your products content, giving you tools to differentiate yourself from the competition, 3D content follows a specific logic, more details here.

Attached Files

You might already have content that presents your products such as Datasheets, PPT presentation and so on. EEXAR lets you re-use this content directly inside the platform by letting you attach directly to each product the relevant files and let them at the disposal of your customers to review, read more here.


Users can indicate their interest for products directly through the web Catalog by clicking the start next to the relevant product.

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