AR Catalog

AR Catalog

To go beyond traditional web catalogs, EEXAR also offers the possibility to have an AR Catalog through the Mobile Application. Following are the top three benefits of using an AR Catalog.

  1. Enriched content: 
    Make use of 3D Models, videos, pictures directly visible in an engaging content format for Users to review.
  2. Real scale rendering: 
    Users can re-create at their office an entire showroom and compare different products next to each other as if it were in a physical store.
  3. Accurate Analytics: 
    Get detailed insights on the actions performed on the AR Catalog, as users are logged in with their credentials, we are capable of tracking their activity as individuals and not as a whole anonymized data.

Built-in Email functionality

Without any email account configured, EEXAR sends emails to your prospects/clients to invite them to review your offer, when you give them access to new content, more about Notifications.

External Groups/Users permissions

Control the content visibility for each of your user/group by setting their permissions according to your needs, more details here.

3D Models support

EEXAR provides you with a built-in functionality to upload 3D Models and display them as part of your products content, giving you tools to differentiate yourself from the competition, 3D content follows a specific logic, more details here.

AR Editor

EEXAR provides you with a built-in functionality to edit virtual presentation in AR (aka. 3 sides view) for each of your product, if you need to get beyond the simple 3D Model, and integrate videos and pictures in Augmented Reality then this is your way to go, more details here.

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