Understand your AR Catalog

Understand your AR Catalog

Serving the same purpose as the web Catalog, EEXAR offers the possibility to have an AR Catalog running to showcase and sell your products. Similar to the web version it is automatically generated based on the 3D content you set up on each product using the Web Application.

In this article, we will cover the interaction users can have with the AR Catalog and the logic behind its generation.

1) Catalog(s)
Lets you choose among the catalogs available to load different products.
The Catalogs available to choose from depend on the user's content permissions, more about it here.

2) Products
Lists the products contained by the Catalog chosen.
Only products with 3D content will appear in the list (to activate 3D content for a product, make sure either to create an AR presentation with the AR Editor, or to set at least one 3D Model to "active AR" in the Media associated view).

3) List view
Lets you switch between list and icon view.

4) Interactions buttons.
When displaying 3D Content in the real environment, you will be able to interact with it. Certain interactions can be executed directly by touching the content, others require the usage of the buttons.

List of actions
Grab: Let's you grab the 3D Content (either the 3D Model itself or the virtual screen).
Can also be done by double clicking the 3D content.

Place: Let's you place the 3D Content after grabbing it (either the 3D Model itself or the virtual screen).
Can also be done by clicking once the screen (after grabbing a 3D content).    

Delete: Let's you delete a 3D Content (either the 3D Model itself or the virtual screen).

If you delete a 3D Element that comes from a virtual screen (= Presentation created in AR Editor), the only way to re-generate it is to generate its virtual screen again.

5) Navigation menu.
This menu let's you "Log out" or return to the menu where you can choose whether to enter the AR Catalog or the Projects.

When entering the AR Catalog for the first time, the use will be prompt to let EEXAR access the internal storage of his/her device, this permission is required for the application to load the 3D Models. If you forget to grant this permission, you can still do it afterwards in your device settings (see here how to do it for IOS and Android).
When loading 3D Content your screen might get stuck for some time, this is not a bug the device is simply focusing on generating your content.

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