Manage your Data

Manage your Data

There are a bunch of common operations that you would be performing as a Super Admin. Out of which, a few important tasks are to maintain a clean database and discover strategies to assess and improve the quality of your data in EEXAR. Some of your day-to-day activities would include:

  • Import data from external sources to EEXAR
  • Export data from your EEXAR account
  • Use the right keywords to filter your data
  • Use page-level and record-level navigation to spot data


Import Products in your EEXAR account from external sources, if you already have the data. You can import Products by using the EXCEL Import option.
Import Media in your EEXAR account from external sources, if you already have the data. You can import Media by using the Mass Import option through ZIP import.


Export data in XLS/PDF format from your EEXAR account.


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