Customize your Account

Customize your Account

Every business has its own unique sales and marketing processes, which is why EEXAR lets you customize the product to fit your business needs. As a Super Admin it is important that you identify and list out such requirements and tailor the product to meet them in the best possible way.

Customize Product fields

Create new Product fields. The steps involved in creating new custom Product fields are:

  • Naming or renaming the Product field, if you are editing an existing Product field.
  • Choosing the type of the Product field according to the field purpose.
  • Editing the Field Default value(s).
  • Removing fields using the Delete button.

Create Price Types

Create new Price Types. The steps involved in creating new custom Product fields are:

  • Naming or renaming the Price Type, if you are editing an existing Price Type.
  • Choosing the currency of the Price Type according to your business needs.


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