Launch a Central Instance

Launch a Central Instance

Some B2B sales use cases imply offline gathering in the form of auctions for example, in these cases you need to host a large number of users on the same network. Therefore, it is important not to overload the network, that's why EEXAR provides a Desktop Application capable of launching a Central Instance in charge of handling the numerous actions of the users.

Central Instances can be launched by any Presenter account part of a Project.

Launch a Central Instance

To launch a Central Instance of a Project
1. Launch the Desktop Application and login to your account.

The capability of launching a Central Instance depends on your Subscription Plan

2. Choose the corresponding Project.

3. Select whether to open a
Private or a Public room.
            Public rooms can be accessed by anyone with access to the Project.
            Private rooms can only be accessed by users with access to the Project and who know the room number

4. Select the session to launch.

You need to be part of the Project Presenter list to be able to launch a Central Instance.
Presenters and Attendees connecting joining a Project launched via Central Instance can only access the session chosen by the Central instance.

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