Projects Reports

Projects Reports

EEXAR provides you with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that demonstrates the effectiveness of your sales team in achieving important business objectives during Projects, it also gives useful analytics to help sales personnel increase their productivity by measuring their performance.

Today, the different KPIs provided for Projects are:

  • Total Revenue generated
  • Conversion rate
  • Evolution of Product Sold/Revenue
  • Products Best Seller
  • Attendees Repartition

Total Revenue generated

This indicator provides you with the total amount of revenue generated during the project duration. It is calculated by multiplying the total quantity of the first Order Field in the Project by the first Price Type accessible by each user (through their group).

For example, if your Project contains two Order Fields named:
1) First Order
2) Yearly Forecast

Respectively their total quantities are:
1) First Order = 100 000
2) Yearly Forecast = 500 000

And, you have two groups with access to the following Price Types:
Group A
- Price Type 1
- Price Type 2

Group B
- Price Type 3
- Price Type 2

Then, the Total Revenue generated value is going to be the result of:
Price Type 1 x 100 000 (For Group A) + Price Type 3 x 100 000 (For Group B)

You can select more than one Order Field to calculate the Total Revenue generated in the top right panel of each Project Report. The value will then be re-calculated.

Conversion rate

This indicator provides you with an insight on how much products have been sold during the project duration. It is simply calculated by taking the number of products sold and dividing it by the number of products presented.

A product is considered as sold if at least one of the Order Fields is filled.
If the Project only has User Interest enabled, then the conversion rate is calculated based on the Products interested.

Evolution of Products Sold/Revenue

This indicator provides you with the performance in terms of products sold or revenue generated day-by-day throughout the Project. It puts in perspective the evolution of each quantities/revenue generated based on the Order Fields chosen on the top right panel of the page.

You can hover the interested milestone, this will provide additional information such as date and exact value on that day.

You can change whether the indicator should display the performance based on number of products sold or revenue generated by choosing the desired parameter in the panel just above the graph.

Products best seller

This indicator provides you with a top 5 of the products that have been the most sold or generated the most revenue, you can also see the full list by clicking on the button below the table. You can go through the list and immediately spot the product that performed the best throughout the project.

The data displayed in the table depends on the Order Fields selected and whether the performance is measured in terms of Products sold or revenue generated.

Attendees Repartition

This indicator provides you with a pie chart of the proportion that each group weights compared to other in terms of products bought or revenue generated. The chart offers the possibility to go in details of each group and user individually if needed. This gives information on whom inside a specific group generated the most of value.

The data displayed in the table depends on the Order Fields selected and whether the performance is measured in terms of Products sold or revenue generated.


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